How It Works

1. Universal Short Sales pre-qualifies the property, ensuring it has a strong chance of short sale approval from the Lender.


2. Universal Short Sales processor contacts the Seller directly, with a warm introduction, answering all of their questions and gathering the applicable documentation. Our processor will be the Seller’s main point of contact throughout the transaction, guiding them through each step of the short sale process.


3. Our processor begins to contact the Lender and initiates the procedure. Documentation will be facilitated and constant communication will be kept with all parties.

4. One of our qualified Realtors, licensed in your State, will contact the Seller and schedule an appointment to take pictures and execute the listing agreement.
-Exception: If our Client is the Listing Agent already.


5. Once an offer is received, the Lender will order a Third Party Appraisal to determine if the buyer’s offer will be accepted or countered. Negotiation period may ensue.


6. Once offer is accepted, Lender issues a written conditional approval letter. Then, closing is scheduled!

Step By Step

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