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Lender’s Appraisal Process

Our systematic follow up system tracks the appraisal from the time it is conducted to the when it is submitted to Lender, all the way up until the appraisal is processed & valuation given.


Price Disputes

We are experts in the price dispute process, including the variations in processes between different Lenders.



Our communication systems are unmatched. You and your client will be provided with clear and consistent updates throughout the entire process.


Realtors, We’ve Been in Your Shoes Before!

As Realtors, we’ve been in the Listing Agent position in many short sales and have experienced your problems directly. So, our model is based off of solving those specific issues you face!

Lender Follow Up System

Universal Short Sales has consistent and strategic Lender follow up systems in place. We know when and how to contact the subject Lender, as well as who to speak with. Every follow-up is a part of a carefully designed system, which holds Lenders accountable for their timelines.


We Love Systems!

Our carefully crafted short sale processing systems eliminate the possibility of mental fatigue, aimlessly chasing lenders for answers, and overall confusion. Hiring us as your short sale processor, you will experience the same service every time!


Direct Communication with Lender & Seller

We handle all short sale communications between the Lender and Seller. You can now focus on your role and what you do best.


Repeat Business with Lenders

Every Lender has their own set of short sale guidelines, processes, and documentation. We’ve worked with countless Lenders, and have their information stored. This allows us to anticipate Lender requests and streamline the process.


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